All biospecimens from the HUNT surveys are collected, processed and stored at the Biobank in Levanger. The building (close to 2000 m²) is specially designed for this purpose and equipped with state-of-the art infrastructure, including automated storage systems (- 20C and - 80C), fully automated DNA extraction, QC and normalization and a dedicated LIMS.

As part of the HUNT studies, blood samples were taken at screening stations and buses throughout the county. Blood samples were stored at 4 degrees Celsius within 30 minutes and transported at 4 degress Celsius to the HUNT biobank within 2-12 hours. Fully automated (cold-chain) fractionation and aliquotation into bar-coded cryo-tubes occurred within 8 hours after arrival at the HUNT biobank prior to storage.

HUNT biobank prøver
Overview of samples stored in HUNT biobank from HUNT 1-3