Norwegian Research Biobank for Multiple Myeloma

The biobank was established as a regional Mid-Norway initiative in 1991 with the intention to store plasma, bone marrow plasma and bone marrow cells from patients with acute and chronic leukemia and multiple myeloma. From 1996, samples have mainly been collected from patients with multiple myeloma and acute leukemia. In 2005, the Biobank for Multiple Myeloma became a National biobank (Norwegian Research Biobank for Multiple Myeloma) receiving samples from 30 hospitals in Norway. In 2009, the bank was included in Biobank1® (read more) , the Regional Research Biobank for Central Norway, which also has a license to store health register data. In Biobank1® the biobank for multiple myeloma is part of the thematic “Research Biobank for Cancer”. The Independent Ethics Committee approved the biobank as a general research biobank in 1999.