The Prostate biobank is currently collecting samples and data from approximately 300 patients undergoing radical prostatectomy annually. As of August 2017, the biobank contains 2500 FFPE samples and 1300 FF samples.

Sample types collected since 2006
  FF tissue Blood Serum Plasma gDNA
Total 1336 1171 1290 1290 1280

Blood samples were routinely collected in the period 2006-2013 and are about to resume in 2018. 

There are 799 patients with matched serum and FF samples.

The Prostate Biobank has implemented strict FF tissue sampling and handling protocols. Initially,1-2 cores were sampled, but from 2011 an up-dated protocol with 5-7 cores were implemented. As shown in the table, 90 % of all samples were snap frozen within 20 minutes after collection.

Time from arrival pathology lab till snap frozen
  〈 10 min 10-14 min 15-19 min 20-24 min 〉25 min Total
FF tissue 63 (8%) 433 (52%) 253 (30%) 66 (8%) 20 (2%) 835

Serum, plasma, and fresh frozen tissue as well as DNA are stored in Matrix tubes at minus 80 degrees Celsius in freezers with automatic, digital temperature logging. All samples and data are registered in the eBiobank system at Oslo University Hospital (OUS).